4medica Remote Print Agent Installation (Windows)

This guide covers the installation process for the 4medica Remote Print Agent on Microsoft Windows.

Important Note: we recommended installing the Print Agent as a Windows service. Please refer to Step 6 on how to enable this option.

Step 2: Open the File

Navigate to your Downloads folder and double click on the 4medica Remote Print Agent.exe file to start the Installer.

Step 4: Choose an Installation Location

You can specify a location to install the Agent, we recommend using the default location provided.

Step 5: Select a Start Menu Folder

You can specify a Windows Start menu folder, we also recommend using the default menu folder.

Step 6: Install as a Windows Service

You may choose to have the Print Agent installed as an application or a service. We recommend installing as a service, so make sure that the "Install as a Service" option is checked.

Step 7: Install the Agent

Click Install and you should see the screen pictured below.

Step 8: Finish the Installation

You are now ready to use the 4medica Remote Print Agent.

Next Steps

Your agent is ready and if you chose to launch the Agent, you may login with your PMGR account number and password.

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